3pi Mentoring Program

The Potential on the Periphery Pipeline Initiative (3PI) is a collaborative outreach program of the Simmons Memorial Foundation, Inc. (SMF) that utilizes nonprofit, public, private, and university resources to bridge the gap between vulnerable students and selective colleges and universities nationwide.


  • To facilitate access and achievement for vulnerable students at selective colleges and universities nationwide.
  • To develop and identify a pipeline of academic talent among vulnerable student populations.
  • To provide the highest quality college consulting to vulnerable students at no cost.
  • To operate as a de facto feeder system for selective universities whose missions include educating talented students from diverse backgrounds.

Student Perspective

For students, 3PI is an extremely valuable form of advocacy and intervention that ensures talented students from all backgrounds receive the necessary guidance to achieve better qualitative and quantitative higher education outcomes. Students receive the highest quality college consulting, SAT Preparation, and career exposure at no cost. In addition to live seminars, students receive other materials in the form of college guides, test preparation and on-line resources. 3PI aims to guide groups of young scholars and future leaders, who compete for admission at selective colleges and universities nationwide.

College Perspective

For selective colleges, 3PI operates as a de facto feeder system bringing together talented public school students and dynamic universities. In this sense, 3PI plays a key role in identifying a talent pool of diverse students for selective colleges. At no cost, universities can access a talented group of students from vulnerable and underrepresented demographics.

High School Perspective

For high school schools and particularly guidance counselors, 3PI operates as an independent consulting resource that provides valuable information and expertise on college admissions trends and strategies for vulnerable students. 3PI assists high schools to improve upon their quantitative and qualitative college admissions results among their vulnerable, yet extremely talented, students.

Key Features

3PI participants receive the following college application and search-related services at no cost:

  • Live college admission and financial aid seminars
  • College guidebooks and financial aid materials
  • Access to standardized test¬†preparation materials
  • Website and Facebook group to answer college admission questions
  • Individual application review, college strategy assessment, and expert college selection recommendations for high school seniors
  • Access to a distinguished network of college alumni, professionals, and admissions personnel with decades of experience
  • College trips


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