Your Stories

“Many people instruct students to set lofty goals, but few make a concerted effort to follow through with their success. The Simmons Memorial Foundation is in the practice of following through. By providing necessary resources, realistic advice, and persistent encouragement they ensure that dreams transform into tangible realities. My life’s positive trajectory is a testament to SMF’s commitment.”

–Alan-Michael Hill, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2011

“As a former participant in Simmons Memorial Foundation activities in Delaware, I can attest to the utility of their mentoring. The Simmons Memorial Foundation was an integral part of my introduction to the world outside of southern Delaware. It provided me with the opportunity to meet and stay in contact with many successful mentors from diverse backgrounds. It also allowed me to take many trips to selective colleges such as Swarthmore and Navy. These trips provided me with so much information about college that by my junior year in high school I already had an idea that a small liberal arts school would be the best fit for my college experience. I have also witnessed the affect that it has had on many others lives. My sister is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. I highly recommend this programming to any youth. It will help him/her tremendously.”

–Joseph Tabler, Davidson College Class of 2010

“Talking to the mentors, who were in various stages of their professional careers, I realized something key to personal success – the fact that my life was in my hands. With attained information and guidance from The Simmons Memorial Foundation, Inc., my limitations were shed and horizons broadened, opening my life to endless possibilities.”

–Keenon Mann, Wake Forest University Class of 2004


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