SMF Executive Director, Professor Omari Simmons, Receives Winston-Salem Chronicle Community Service Award

Since 1985, Winston-Salem’s oldest and most-respected community newspaper has invited elected officials, business professionals, community leaders, residents and other stakeholders in the community to take part in the award ceremony designed to honor individuals throughout the area for their hard work and dedication to improving lives. Last Saturday evening, April 23, hundreds of people gathered at the Donald Julian Reaves Center on the campus of Winston-Salem State University for the 31st edition of he annual event.

Community Service Awards went to Suzanne Reynolds, Dean of the Wake Forest University (WFU) School of Law; Kelly Carpenter, senior pastor of Green Street United Methodist Church; Omari Scott Simmons, Director of the Business Law Program at WFU & Executive Director, Simmons Memorial Foundation; Bishop Todd Fulton, president of the Minsters’ Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity; and Elizabeth Speight, the longtime choir musician and musical director for the Rupert Bell Singers, who perform in the community for residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult day care programs. Read More


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