Your Next Steps

Help Us Develop Potential on the Periphery

SMF thrives on the efforts of its volunteers, sponsors and partners and their range of experiences to propel it forward. Because breaking through can be a random process, SMF uses different talents, perspectives and people to ignite a spark in youth. SMF has organized a talented network of young professionals, professors, graduate students, and SMF alumni from top colleges and universities nationwide. Throughout the year, SMF volunteers conduct seminars, lead workshops, and facilitate leadership building exercises for students, parents, and educators. Ultimately, SMF’s programming allows student participants to make informed decisions about college based on their interests and needs.

Become a Volunteer

Whether you are an alumnus or someone who is just learning about SMF, there are many ways to be involved with our programs and become a mentor or volunteer! We hope that you will consider the opportunities, like the following example, to make a profound impact on a student’s life and “develop potential on the periphery.”

College Admissions Mentoring: This is a 6-18 month commitment which pairs each high school student in our 3PI program with a mentor for their junior and senior years of high school. Mentors guide the students through an organized college research, financial aid, and application process. To become a mentor or volunteer, please contact us at [email protected]. Be sure to attach your resume.

Become a SMF Sponsor

The Simmons Memorial Foundation welcomes support from friends, volunteers, alumni, corporations and other organizations to help us achieve our mission of “Developing Potential on the Periphery.” Join the SMF family by making a contribution today. All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated.

Become a Partner

Our partnering institutions are vital to our success. If you are a High School, College or civic organization who wishes to help deliver the promise of higher education to vulnerable students we can help. Please contact us at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we might be able to visit your location or host a visit by you to speak with our participants.


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